Gambia 2017 Abyssinian roller 1-FSS Gambia 2017 Abyssinian roller 2-FSS Gambia 2017 Black kite-FSS Gambia 2017 Caspian tern fishing-FSS Gambia 2017 Caspian tern-FSS Gambia 2017 Cattle egret 1-FSS Gambia 2017 Crested lark-FSS Gambia 2017 Crested larks-FSS Gambia 2017 Cattle egret 2-FSS Gambia 2017 Great white egret wading-FSS Gambia 2017 Great white egret-FSS Gambia 2017 Grey woodpecker-FSS Gambia 2017 Hooded vulture-FSS Gambia 2017 Hoopoe 1-FSS Gambia 2017 Hoopoe 2-FSS Gambia 2017 Laughing dove-FSS Gambia 2017 Northern reef heron & Pied kingfisher-FSS Gambia 2017 Northern reef heron-FSS Gambia 2017 Pied crows-FSS Gambia 2017 Pied kingfisher male-FSS Gambia 2017 Red billed hornbills-FSS Gambia 2017 Speckled pigeon-FSS Gambia 2017 Spur winged plover-FSS Gambia 2017 Vineaceous dove-FSS Gambia 2017 Yellow billed shrike-FSS Gambia 2107 Whimbrel-FSS Gambia 2017 Great white pelicans-FSS Gambia 2017 Tanbi-FSS Gambia 2017 Pied kingfisher-FI

The Gambia 2017

The bird life in The Gambia is abundant and spectacular.  Here are some holiday snaps to prove it, all taken in a single morning within 1 kilometre of our hotel.  First an action shot: a Caspian tern has just dived for a fish and is emerging from the water.  It makes me realise how good […]... Read More
BCSH ADurrell 1986?-FI NCSH DNewton 2017a-FSS Best Non Cap 1991 National BCGH Best Lizard 1997 National-FSS CCSC Best Lizard 1994 National (JScott)-FSS NCGC 5th Best Lizard 2016 LCA Classic (DNewton)-FSS BCSH Best Lizard 1989 National-FSS BCSC Best O-year 1993 Nat Exhib-FSS NCSH DNewton 2017b-FSS CCGH Best Lizard Classic 2014 NHastead-FSS CCSC NHastead 2014 LCA Classic NH-FSS

Lizard canary basics, part 15: the rise of rowings since 1987

The first part of this short series looked at the rise of rowings (1) in the Lizard canary from a historical perspective.  In the second part, I am going to take up the story from 1987 and look at the progress that rowings have made over the last 30 years. ... Read More