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Lizard canary basics, part 8: over-year birds

Pity the poor Lizard canary, a victim of the fleeting beauty of youth.  From October to July the Lizard is a real dandy, exquisitely patterned, beautifully presented, and then . . . the glory fades and the precision is lost . . . it becomes an over-year! ... Read More
Training Roller canaries-FI

Bird’s eye view: the Roller canary (Cage & Aviary Birds 02.03.16)

In 1921 Hans Duncker was taking a walk and heard a nightingale sing.  Two things struck him as extraordinary: firstly it was August, long past the season when nightingales sang; secondly he was in the middle of Bremen, his home town.  The explanation, when he discovered it, was even more extraordinary. ... Read More