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Bologna 2016: the judge’s report

My guest contributor this week is Joe Coakley who, in his own words, felt ‘very privileged’ to judge the Lizard canary section at the Bologna Show in 2016.  I think it will be obvious from the photographs (which Joe also provided) why he was so enthusiastic about the quality of the birds on display.  Joe […]... Read More
david-newton-ncgc-2016-fss dnewton-ncgc-2016-fi

Second Best?

According to one definition I’ve found, Second Best means “not as good as the best and therefore not wanted as much”.  Another says “something that is not as good as the thing that you really want”.  Lizard canary breeders might beg to differ; who would not want this bird? This non cap gold cock (yes, […]... Read More

London Fancies at the Meijels Pracht 2012

The Meijels Pracht is the show where Piet Renders exhibited his first London Fancy back in 2004.  Here is a video clip of his birds at the 2012 event. Key (from top to bottom): Cage 880 jonque/intensive cock ( red ring 2012) score 89 Cage 881 jonque/intensive hen (red ring 2012) score 88 Cage 882 mealy/non-intensive hen […]... Read More