Cesena 2018 CCGH GMassarutto-FI Cesena 2018 CCGH JEtienne-FSS Cesena 2018 CCSC GMassarutto-FSS Cesena 2018 BCSH (1) THorton-FSS Cesena 2018 NCSH HEvans-FSS Cesena 2018 NCSH GOrazi-FSS Cesena 2018 NCSH GMassarutto-FSS Cesena 2018 NCSH AGaiazzi-FSS Cesena 2018 NCGC SBolton-FSS Cesena 2018 CCSH (2) GMassarutto-FSS Cesena 2018 CCGH ATebroke-FSS-1 Cesena 2018 NCGH HEvans-FSS-1 Cesena 2018 CCGH SSonntag-FSS Cesena 2018 BCSC DMungiguerra-FSS Cesena 2018 BCSH FMacchioni-FSS Cesena 2018 BCSH JMedina-FSS Cesena 2018 BCSH LLePage-FSS Cesena 2018 CCGH ATebroke-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGH (1) FMacchioni-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGH (2) FMacchioni-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGH DMungiguerra (1)-FSS Cesena 2018 CCSH BDeckers (2)-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGH FCoppelli-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGH SBolton-FSS Cesena 2018 BCSH FCoppelli-FSS Cesena 2018 CCGH (2) DMungiguerra-FSS Cesena 208 BCGH (2) SBolton-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGC THorton-FSS Cesena 2018 BCGH DMungiguerra (92)-FSS

The 2018 World Show, Part 1

Anyone who followed the preparations for the 2018 World Show at Cesena will be aware that this was going to be a special edition: a record number of show birds, a show hall with good natural lighting, and the likelihood of a strong team of Lizard canaries from the host nation. All this was set […]... Read More
WS 2016 Best Gold Best Silver-FI WS 2016 NCGH JEtienne (silver)-fss WS 2016 NCSH ATebroke (90)-fss WS 2016 CCGH ATebroke (bronze)-fss WS 2016 BCGH SSonntag (91)-fss WS 2016 NCSH JEtienne (gold)-fss WS 2016 CCSH ATebroke ((90)-fss WS 2016 NCSH SBolton (90)-fss WS 2016 CCSH ATebroke (bronze)-fss WS 2016 CCSH Escarabajal (90)-fss WS 2016 CCGH JCarrilero (89)-fss WS 2016 CCGH BDeckers (89)-fss WS 2016 CCSH JEtienne (88)-fss WS 2016 CCGH JEtienne (89)-fss WS 2016 BCGH ATebroke (87)-fss WS 2016 NCGH FMacchioni (gold)-fss WS 2016 CCGH JEtienne (91)-fss WS 2016 BCSH-JEtienne (silver)-fss

World Show 2016

The World Show was held in Porto, Portugal this year.  We received a warm welcome, but unfortunately, the event will always be remembered for the loss of many birds from Italy during transit.  14 Lizards entered by Giorgio Massarutto,  Domenico Muniguerra, Angelo Citro, Fabio Macchioni, Guiseppe Siclari  and Rosario Capuano never made it to the show hall.  They must feel […]... Read More