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Second Best?

According to one definition I’ve found, Second Best means “not as good as the best and therefore not wanted as much”.  Another says “something that is not as good as the thing that you really want”.  Lizard canary breeders might beg to differ; who would not want this bird? This non cap gold cock (yes, […]... Read More
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The EALCA John Codling Memorial Show

Report by Joe Coakley: This year the EALCA Show moved from Kings Lynn to Emneth, Norfolk.  It was also a Memorial Show paying tribute to former Chairman John Codling. The new show hall was a vast improvement on the EALCA’s former home with much more space, parking and facilities, my only criticism was the lighting […]... Read More
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The National Exhibition 2016

The National Exhibition at Stafford is never going to emulate the ‘old’ National amongst Lizard canary fanciers as an end-of-season championship, simply because it is held at the beginning.  Its real value is that it offers an opportunity for breeders to meet up again and perhaps, just perhaps, introduce some of the candidates for the […]... Read More
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Midland LCC show 2015

Midland Lizard Canary Club show 2015, awards: Best in Show: broken cap gold hen, Andy Williamson Second Best in Show: broken cap gold cock, Chris Jordan Best Silver: broken cap silver cock, Jeremy Goacher Best Novice: Paddy Morgan, broken cap gold hen Judge: Dave Ross And a few personal awards: Man of the Match: Paddy Morgan, […]... Read More