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The EALCA John Codling Memorial Show

Report by Joe Coakley: This year the EALCA Show moved from Kings Lynn to Emneth, Norfolk.  It was also a Memorial Show paying tribute to former Chairman John Codling. The new show hall was a vast improvement on the EALCA’s former home with much more space, parking and facilities, my only criticism was the lighting […]... Read More
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The National Exhibition 2016

The National Exhibition at Stafford is never going to emulate the ‘old’ National amongst Lizard canary fanciers as an end-of-season championship, simply because it is held at the beginning.  Its real value is that it offers an opportunity for breeders to meet up again and perhaps, just perhaps, introduce some of the candidates for the […]... Read More
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The Scott Archive: the Norwich Alliance show 1955

“Having paid my entrance fee I found myself in a very large and well lighted show hall and the sight that met my eyes was one to make my heart miss a beat – rows upon rows of the famous blue and black Lizard show cages! My immediate thought was that surely this must be […]... Read More
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Sweet Bird of Youth: the sequel

I finished Lizard canary basics, part 9: Sweet Bird of Youth by asking if any of the eight juveniles I had photographed were going to be stars of the future.  Would we see their names in bright lights?  In the best Hollywood tradition, the article left the leading characters facing an uncertain future; to find […]... Read More