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The COM Lizard classification, part 3: the devil is in the detail

COM has finally caught up with the rest of the Lizard world and will provide classes for clear caps, broken caps and non caps next show season.  In the final chapter of this short series, I am going to look at some of the finer points of the cap that will now come to the fore.... Read More
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Bird’s eye view: the Scales of the Lizard (Part 2)

Section E of the OMJ’s show classification is devoted to ‘posture’ canaries, better known in Britain as ‘type’ canaries.  A common feature of the breeds in Section E is that they tend to have regional names: Yorkshire, Norwich, Irish Fancy, Rheinlander, North Dutch Frill, Raza Espagnol, and the Arlequim Português (Portuguese Harlequin canary).  The list […]... Read More