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Variegation, part 4: the fugitive black gene

The general tendency of the whole Canary tribe is to struggle out of darkness into light. W.A. Blakston (1) In this short series we have looked at variegation through its manifestations in other species: greenfinches, budgerigars and chickens.  When it comes to visual impact however, no canary accomplished the ‘struggle out of darkness into light’ […]... Read More
WS 2017 LF Dutch strain-FI WS 2017 LF 3 LF Crystal Palace Wallace WS 2017 LF PRenders-FI

World Show 2017, part 4: the London Fancy

A class of London Fancies was presented at the 2017 World Show in a section officially known as Nouvelles Race en étude (pas de medailles), in other words for appraisal rather competition.  This is part of COM’s process of evaluating a new breed before it can be recognised officially. I’m not going to go into the […]... Read More

London Fancies at the Meijels Pracht 2012

The Meijels Pracht is the show where Piet Renders exhibited his first London Fancy back in 2004.  Here is a video clip of his birds at the 2012 event. Key (from top to bottom): Cage 880 jonque/intensive cock ( red ring 2012) score 89 Cage 881 jonque/intensive hen (red ring 2012) score 88 Cage 882 mealy/non-intensive hen […]... Read More
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Brave New World: the New London Fancy at the Stafford Show 2015

The 2015 edition of the National at Stafford was a breakthrough event for the New London Fancy.  It was a sight that has not been seen on the show bench for well over a century, and surely is a harbinger of greater things to come. There are times when if things need to happen then […]... Read More