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Club Amigos Del Canario Lizard show 2021

The 2021 Amigos show was held in Cartagena, a naval city just one hour’s drive from Alicante airport.  We loved it; a city with a long history, some beautiful architecture, and free of the tourist tat that blights so many Spanish seaside resorts.  My thanks to Jesús Ortiz García (better known as Yopi) and his […]... Read More
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National Exhibition 2021: the Lizard canaries

Business as usual?  Not quite.  There were obvious signs that 2021 was a transitional year; the covid lockdown had cast its shadow over the event.  There were plenty of visitors, but not the crush of previous years; there were fewer trade stands in the sales halls and fewer rows of staging in the exhibition hall.  […]... Read More
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The Nuremberg Lizard, a supplement

It may be a coincidence, but the last two major discoveries concerning the history of the London Fancy and the Lizard canary have been made by European enthusiasts: Hein van Grouw (Netherlands) and Didier Mervilde (Belgium) in the case of the 1850 London Fancy, and Michael Monthofer (Germany) in the case of the Nuremberg Lizard.  […]... Read More
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The Nuremberg Lizard, part 3

Up to now I’ve looked at Johann Daniel Meyer’s engraving of the Zweyerley Vorstellung des Canarienvogels (Presentation of a pair of canary birds) with a sceptical eye.  In Part 3 I am going to look at the evidence that might support Michael Monthofer’s belief that the engraving represents a canary “which one can confidently call […]... Read More