Cassino presn AC-FSS Cassino-Abbey view from town-FSS Cassino-Abbey 2-FSS Cassino-Abbey 4-FSS Cassino-Abbey 3-FSS Cassino-Abbey 5-FSS Cassino-bombing-1944-FSS.jpeg Cassino-cemetery 1-FSS Cassino-cemetery 2-FSS Cassino-ruins-1944-FSS.jpeg Cassino-view from Monte Cassino-FI

Cassino, Part 1: the Associazione Ornitologica Albatros

The last World Show I attended was at Matosinhos, Portugal in January 2020.  I was there to give the second presentation on the London Fancy in our quest for the breed to be recognised by COM.   One of the OMJ assessors came up to me after the presentation and asked if I would like […]... Read More
Nat 2021 Best LF (RKnowles)-FSS Nat 2021 Best spangleback (RKnowles)-FSS Nat 2021 Best over-year LF (AEarly)-FSS Nat 2021 2ndBest O-Y (AEarly)-FSS Nat 2021 Richard Knowles-FSS Nat 2021 Best LF (RKnowles)-FI

The National Exhibition 2021: the London Fancies

These are exciting times for the London Fancy canary.  We were denied a show season in 2020 thanks to lockdown, but the photographic evidence showed that the breed had made significant progress that year.  Several breeders including Antonio Cientanni, Joe Coakley, Andy Early, Richard Knowles, Martin Walker and Andy Williamson had produced excellent specimens that […]... Read More
LF 1850 Wing&tail HvG-FSS LF 1850 head HvG-FSS LF 1850 ILN jonque-FSS LF 1850 Waller LFs-FSS LF 1850 Tabernacle Walk 1880s-FSS LF 1850 HvG-FI LF 1850 OY wing bar-FSS LF 1850 C&AB 2020.09.02-FSS

A London Fancy canary circa 1850

Wonderful news.  A specimen of a London Fancy canary dated to circa 1850 has come to light; the holy grail for canary historians.   We can thank Hein van Grouw for the discovery; he seems to have made a speciality of investigating birds that became extinct. (1) Hein’s photograph of the bird was first published […]... Read More
LF standard-phenotype ENGLISH LF standard-Tech Descrn ENGLISH LF standard-phenotype DUTCH LF standard-phenotype FRENCH LF standard-Tech Descrn FRENCH LF standard-phenotype GERMAN LF standard-Tech Descrn GERMAN LF standard-phenotype ITALIAN LF standard-Tech Descrn ITALIAN LF standard-phenotype PORTUGUESE LF standard-Tech Descrn PORTUGUESE LF standard-phenotype SPANISH LF standard-Tech Descrn SPANISH LF standard-Tech Descrn ENGLISH LF white (PRenders)-FSS LF crescent good & bad-FSS LF mealy ticked AEarly-FSS LF ideal-FI

London Fancy show standard

This article was updated on 11 December 2022 following the recognition of the London Fancy by COM, but please note that the COM standard does not recognise brown London Fancy canaries at present.  For more information please refer to my article “Mission accomplished: the London Fancy recognised by COM”. Regular readers of this blog will […]... Read More