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London Fancy show standard

This article was updated on 11 December 2022 following the recognition of the London Fancy by COM, but please note that the COM standard does not recognise brown London Fancy canaries at present.  For more information please refer to my article “Mission accomplished: the London Fancy recognised by COM”. Regular readers of this blog will […]... Read More
National 2019 LFs Best (AEarly)-FSS National 2019 LFs fawn (AEarly)-FSS National 2019 LFs white (RKnowles)-FSS National 2019 LFs jonque (BHowlett)-FSS National 2019 LFs BH & RK-FSS National 2019 LFs Best unfl (JCoakley)-FSS National 2019 LFs JCoakley-FSS National 2019 LFS jonque (MWalker)-FSS National 2019 LFs MWalker-FSS National 2019 LFs winner AEarly-FI

London Fancies at the National Exhibition 2019

Thirty birds entered, 22 benched.  It doesn’t sound much, but 20 years ago I’d never have believed that any London Fancies would have been exhibited at all, yet here they were, and so was I to judge them. Better still, many of the over-year birds looked like the real thing: almost clear bodies with dark […]... Read More