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Lizard canary basics, Part 3: plumage

How many feathers does a canary have?  From the research undertaken by Hutt and Ball in 1938, the answer is probably between 1,500 and 2,000.   The colour and quality of the feathers are important features of any show canary, but only in the Lizard does every one of those feathers have to be of the right […]... Read More
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Lizard canary basics, Part 2: the difference between spangles & lacings

How many times have you been to a show, looked at the Lizard canaries, and heard people discussing their show features?  In my experience, the spangles are mentioned every time.  Quite right too, spangling is the single most important feature of the Lizard canary.  Now ask yourself how many times you’ve heard people discuss the […]... Read More