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The COM Lizard classification, part 3: the devil is in the detail

COM has finally caught up with the rest of the Lizard world and will provide classes for clear caps, broken caps and non caps next show season.  In the final chapter of this short series, I am going to look at some of the finer points of the cap that will now come to the fore.... Read More
NCSH 2015-034y H&S-FI BCGC 2015-028 H&S-FSS BCSC 2015-15d H&S-FSS NCSC 2014-39 H&S-FSS PCGH 2015-36a H&S-FSS BCGH 2015-026b H&S-FSS BCSH 2015-37g H&S-FSS

Lizard canary basics, part 11: the spangled crown

In History part 14 I discussed the slow, but inevitable, recognition of broken capped and non capped Lizard canaries. Caps are defined by the extent of clear feathers, but in this edition of Lizard canary basics I want to focus on the dark feathers, the ones that were once deemed to detract from perfection.... Read More
CCGH 2015-007b head-FI CCSH 2015-(09)h head-fss NCGH 2014-052d head-fss NCSC 2014-029b head-fss NCSH 2015-034h head-fss

Lizard canary basics, Part 10: tiny details, big impact

Let’s start with a riddle: What am I? All canaries possess them, but I have never seen any writer on canaries mention them. You will see them in photographs, but rarely in drawings. They are an insignificant detail in every variety except one: the Lizard canary. Answer: they there are two tufts of feathers either side of […]... Read More