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Lizard canary basics, part 14: the rise and rise of rowings

Rowing, also known as breastwork, borst tekening, and dessin de la poitrine et flancs (1) has been the rising star in the Lizard’s firmament for as long as I can remember.  Anyone who has studied the Lizard’s ancient history will know that the popularity of rowings has been growing steadily for much longer than that.... Read More
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Lizard canary basics, part 13: in fine form

My guest contributor this week is Ernest Gracia, an OMJ judge living in Gibraltar, and presently a co-opted member of the IOA committee, as its representative in Gibraltar.  Ernest is not a Lizard canary breeder, but he takes a special interest in the breed and is regularly invited to judge at the two Spanish Lizard […]... Read More
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Bird’s eye view: the Scales of the Lizard (Part 2)

Section E of the OMJ’s show classification is devoted to ‘posture’ canaries, better known in Britain as ‘type’ canaries.  A common feature of the breeds in Section E is that they tend to have regional names: Yorkshire, Norwich, Irish Fancy, Rheinlander, North Dutch Frill, Raza Espagnol, and the Arlequim Português (Portuguese Harlequin canary).  The list […]... Read More