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National Exhibition 2021: the Lizard canaries

Business as usual?  Not quite.  There were obvious signs that 2021 was a transitional year; the covid lockdown had cast its shadow over the event.  There were plenty of visitors, but not the crush of previous years; there were fewer trade stands in the sales halls and fewer rows of staging in the exhibition hall.  […]... Read More
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Lizards at the National Exhibition during the 1950s

No other show has played such an important part in the affairs of the Lizard Canary Association as the National Exhibition (1).  Sponsored by Cage Birds magazine (as it was then known), it was the ‘National’ that gave the nascent LCA the opportunity to demonstrate to the world its determination to save the oldest breed […]... Read More
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The Greatest Show on Earth?

Regular readers of this blog may remember my effusive account of the Club Amigos del Canario Lizard show which I published one year ago.  That event attracted over 300 Lizard canaries plus the Ocelados (1). It was a memorable event.  Could this year’s show improve on that remarkable gathering?  Yes! I Show Nacional del Canario Lizard, […]... Read More
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London Fancies at the National Exhibition 2019

Thirty birds entered, 22 benched.  It doesn’t sound much, but 20 years ago I’d never have believed that any London Fancies would have been exhibited at all, yet here they were, and so was I to judge them. Better still, many of the over-year birds looked like the real thing: almost clear bodies with dark […]... Read More