Ephemera: oiseleurs

Just as I was preparing the article on the oiseleurs of Paris, John Canepa sent me some old photographs showing a French bird market and its customers.  You can see the Oisellerie Exotique of J.C. Marlot Fils, 138 Boulevard de la Gare, Saint-Gratien in the background.  Unfortunately I can’t read the address  My thanks to Maurizio Lietti for identifying the address  which is in Paris and just a few kilometres from the bird market on the Ile de la Cité.  The style of the cages suggest that the photo may have been taken in the 1950s, but the clothes in the other photos could be pre-war.  I believe the photographs were taken in 1954.

Many thanks to John.

I’ve been unable to discover who Bernard is.  Any information on the photographs will be welcome.

Update 15 May 2016

My thanks to Danielle Sugliani for directing me to the Marché aux fleurs et Aux Oiseaux Cité which is still held on a Sunday,.  You can see that very little has changed.

Bird market Ile de la cite
Source: http://patrick.cuvillier.fr/

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