Reggio Emilia 2015

261 birds on show.  The judges were Pinelli Mario and Claudio Berno

You can see the list of winners on Angelo’s blog here.

My thanks to Antonio Petraroli for the photographs.

Also thanks to Alessandro Gaiazzi who took the video of the clear cap silver hen, added 03.12.15.

7 thoughts on “Reggio Emilia 2015

  1. It is a great shame there is not more emphasis on the cap in Italy they were too long in the neck @ Bari and the trend continues, in the greater scheme of things it is a mere 10 points but to my mind more ruthless selection would improve this fault on what are vastly improved Lizards that could be better.

  2. is the shape of great importance while judging lizard canaries ? when I see the birds presented by Fabio Macchiati I think the birds are much too far away from the early lizards…

    1. I didn’t post any photos of the birds of Macchioni, so I cannot answer your question. However, I will discuss the shape of the Lizard canary in a future article.

  3. My view is that the shape of the Lizard is of the utmost importance and I look forward to Huw,s view on the subject and that of the Cap, there is a marked difference in the British, French,Belgium, Dutch, Italian Lizard and they are I believe greatly different from the early Lizards in style, shape and substance


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