Slow wingbeat

Fine Spangled Sort has been on the wing for 18 months.  That wingbeat is about to slow down, as there are other things needing my attention over the next few months.  The publication of articles will be less frequent, and I suggest you subscribe to FSS (if you haven’t done so already) so that you will be alerted automatically when they are posted.

In the meantime I wish all my readers an enjoyable and productive season.

6 thoughts on “Slow wingbeat

  1. And the same to you Huw and a BIG thank you for all the reading for the last 18 months it has really help me a lot with my lizard cheers. Keith

  2. Thanks for the free education Huw, much appreciated and look forward to future articles

    Without doubt the best site on the net


  3. Huw
    You have provided the best Lizard Canary information available at this time. Your articles with colour photos are second to none.
    Thank you and I look forward to your future articles. Greg

  4. Merci pour tout ces Articles de Qualité et enrichissant pour les Canaris Lizards Bonne Reproduction ainsi que tout les éleveurs pour de Futures Champions

  5. Through the site I have been able to learn lots about the Lizard. I look forward to being able to use the information when I select birds for showing later in the season – always assuming I am able to breed some birds worthy of showing…


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