For many Lizard breeders the 2016 World Show has not been a happy experience.  Now more bad news. Ronald Wauters tells me that one of Jules Etienne’s birds was stolen.  It was not his gold medal winner, but a clear cap silver hen that had been awarded 88 points.  You can see her above.

You might wonder why anyone would bother stealing a bird worth only 88 points.  Perhaps the thief could see something in her that the judge had missed.

As it happens, I know the bird.  I had selected her as Best Silver at Liege.  Jules and I were perplexed by her low score in Portugal, because she still looked in top form.  He considered her to be the best silver he had sent to the World Show.  The thief obviously thought so too.

Lizarddag 2015 JE + HH-fss
Jules Etienne (left) in happier times with Hans Hermans at the Lizarddag 2015

4 thoughts on “Stolen

  1. I think that this World Show (2016) , has been for a lot of italian bird breeders one of the worse , after the Second World War, about 1.300 birds died or disappeared. But with time we are knowing that the problems of birds died , stolen or disappeared are not only for Italian, but also for Germans and Belgians .
    In Italy we say , “ mal commune mezzo gaudio” , It means more or less . When a lot of people have the same big problem , the problem is less heavy.
    I think that it is not the truth. The Portoguese organization for first, and then our national associations, (Italian, Belgian , German , ecc. ) must explain to us what has happen so that this tragedy cannot happen again.
    From our Italian Federation we have not received , at the moment, an official explanation of this tragedy. I don’t know where is my lizard canary CCGH, if in a cage of some thief or in the Paradise of Lizard Canaries.
    I hope for the second chance.

    angelo citro – italia

  2. So sad, after everything the Italian fanciers went through with the transit fiasco, hope you get your bird returned Angelo


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