William Scott: the beginning

William Scott, John’s father, was originally a Roller canary breeder.  He took up Lizard canaries in 1937 and joined the Lancashire and Lizard Canary Fancier’s Association, the predecessor of the LCA, in 1938.  He acquired his initial stock from a Mr. Cooper, whom Mr. Moorbey, the Honorary Secretary, described with impeccable  good manners as “a breeder I am pleased to acknowledge”.  The progeny of those birds were evidently of good quality because, the following year, William considered them worthy of sending all the way from Whitley Bay to the Bury and West Suffolk Cage Bird Society’s show, where one of his birds won a diploma.

More on Mr. Moorbey and the L&LCFA will follow in future posts, but in the meantime, here is that diploma, printed on heavy card and measuring 34 x 22.5cm.  It is signed by Mr Mattingley, the judge; Mr Moorbey, the Secretary, and E.R.W. Lincoln, the editor of CageBirds.  Shall we ever see Rob Innes, the current editor, honour exhibitors with his signature on future prize certificates I wonder?

Scott W diploma 672px



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