World Show, part 2: gallery one

This is the first of two galleries of photos of the birds taken at the World Show.  Click on a photo for a larger image and the name of the breeder.


7 thoughts on “World Show, part 2: gallery one

  1. I notice that none of the birds have dark feet or dark beaks like Huw Evans birds and a couple of others. Why does this not go against them in the judges marking.

    1. There were many birds with dark legs there John. I use a small lightweight camera when I visit shows; easy to carry around but limited in its performance. It has a tendency to understate the darkness of the birds.

      1. Okay I was just curious to be honest for looking at their legs and the legs of the birds here in Cavan big difference. I understand what you are saying about the camera, thanks for the reply. John

  2. Was the judging done according to the new scale agreed by Mr. Zamora at the last COM/OMJ meeting ?

  3. Is the eyelash on the lizard a rare thing now, although I’m new to the fancy, I can’t seem to see it, or is it my eyesight? Playing up

    1. The eyelash is one of the finer details of the Lizard canary. It is not at all rare, although some birds have finer eyelashes than others. Breaks in the eye lash, or worse still no eyelash at all, are faults and should be penalised.


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