World Show tragedy: an update

The wheels of justice turn very slow, but grind exceedingly fine.

Almost a month after we started to hear reports of the deaths of birds in transit to the World Show, FOI, the Italian birdkeepers’ federation, has issued a statement. You can read it here.

To save you wading through the turgid prose, here is my abridgement.  The statement:

  • expresses regret over “this totally unpredictable episode”;
  • gives an assurance that a thorough investigation will be instigated;
  • indicates that FOI is considering a legal claim against the transport company;
  • reports that a working party has been set up to undertake the investigation;
  • confirms that “health certificates” will be issued once they have been released by the show organisers at Matosinhos;
  • adds that the Italian prize presentation will proceed as planned.

Nowhere will you find an admission that any birds died.

The need for caution is understandable.  A rash statement, however well intended, could have legal and financial consequences.  Nevertheless, those wanting to know what has happened to their birds are likely to be disappointed.  We can already see signs of obfuscation and procrastination.  The wheels of justice have barely started turning.


My thanks to Angelo Citro for the link to the FOI statement.

At least FOI has issued a statement.  I have heard nothing from the German federation.


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