Bologna 2016: people and birds

I don’t know about you, but whenever I visit a major Lizard canary show, I find that I spend more time talking to people than actually looking at the birds.  This new collection of photographs, from guest contributor Antonio Petraroli, is a bit like that.  There are plenty of good birds on view, but it is the photos of people that seem to bring the show to life.

Take the photo at the head of this article for example.  It shows Antonio with Carlo Mazzanti whom he describes as

‘a great man, yet modest, without whom the Bologna Show would not exist. A man who rolls up his sleeves and works in the shadows so that everything is perfect! Very Great Man’.

By definition, unsung heroes rarely get the recognition they deserve, so I am happy to give Mr. Mazzanti pride of place.  There are others too, rolling up their sleeves and making the Lizard section at the 2016 show such a success.  You can see some of them here.  Just click on a photo for an enlarged view.




You can see the judge’s report of the show here .

My thanks to  Antonio.


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