The Gambia 2017

The bird life in The Gambia is abundant and spectacular.  Here are some holiday snaps to prove it, all taken in a single morning within 1 kilometre of our hotel.  First an action shot: a Caspian tern has just dived for a fish and is emerging from the water.  It makes me realise how good the wildlife photographers are – they would have captured the bird as it entered the water, and in sharp focus too.  The gallery is of birds that were rather more inclined to stay still while I photographed them.  Just click on an image to see a larger version, and again on the ‘see full size’ button for a full screen image.

2 thoughts on “The Gambia 2017

  1. Still great shots. Wonderful pictures. My congratulations!…and if anything to go by, a great break.

    1. Hi Huw brillant pictures! I have a project there that has built a school from a tent to a five class school, the headmaster is a brilliant positive person, that country is extraordinary the people are so rewarding, a wonderful place to visit.


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