World Show 2018: a preview

One of the most important artistic points of interest in Romagna, Cesena is a must for good food and wine lovers. The lordship of the Malatesta family brought Cesena to the apex of its culture and history, with some architectural and artistic treasures that can still be visited today.

Source: Emilia Romagna  tourist information site.

Cesena may be a ‘must’ for food and wine lovers, but it is about the become a ‘must’ for bird lovers too. .  Rather than panoramic views of the old town, they will be drawn to Cesena because it is about to host the World Show.  This year’s event will have a record number of show birds on display: no less than 32,068 have been entered; extra judges have been drafted in for the occasion.  If we include birds for sale, there could be more than 100,000 birds at the Fiera de Cesena.

Thanks to Angelo Citro, I have been receiving advance photographs of the event, and I thought I would share them with you.  Angelo’s ‘mole’, and the source of the photographs, is Denis Bernabini (1).  Here he is in action:

Thanks to Denis, we can see some of the work involved in getting everything ready for the birds when they arrive on Friday 11 January.  We can begin to appreciate the scale of the event; the venue and its facilities are impressive; the organisation behind it is enormous.  I’m hoping to add more photographs as they become available, so you are welcome to return for updates from time to time.



Blue skies and rooflights.  The lighting inside the hall should be good.



Three videos today, the last of them starring Denis Bernabini himself.


Here is a super view of the hall; click on the picture for a larger image.  Then another three videos, all by Denis Bernabini.  The first shows Norwich and Portuguese Harelquins, the second Glosters, and the third a stam of broken cap gold Lizards.  The birds from foreign countries arrived on Friday; the Italian entries will arrive today, hence many of the cages were empty when the videos were taken.



Fabio Macchioni (second from right) and friends (including Camillo Paris, another Lizard breeder, on the right) at the Feira di Cesena.


The preparations for judging are under way.  You can appreciate the scale of the task from the second photograph.


The judging got under way today.  You can see the judges being briefed, the stewards gathering the show cages and the judges at work.  At least the lighting conditions are good.


Here are the results:




  • My thanks to Angelo and Denis for the photographs.  I understand Denis also has a Facebook page for the event.
  • The Show is open to the public from 19 – 21 January (my thanks to Dave Allen for the correction).




10 thoughts on “World Show 2018: a preview

  1. Isn’t it a great shame that the only country in Europe unable to host such an event it Britain, the mother land of many of the lovely breeds on show yet we are exactly what we wanted a HISTORY….sad times.

      1. Agreed……but the norm is for information to be scant until right up to the last few days before the event.
        For Zwolle to be fully outlined and have such an impressive and informative Online presence a whole year prior to the event is a pretty forward thinking strategy and says a lot about the commitment of the team working for Holland.

  2. Congratulations Huw, for your gold and silver medal and congratulations for all the attendees for the courage of entering showbirds.
    Are their no colourfed lizards in Cesena?

    1. There are usually a few colour fed birds at the World Show. They compete in the gold and silver classes against the natural coloured Lizards.

  3. Congratulations Huw, hope to see you later today. Also really pleased to see Tony & Liody have picked up medals. David

    1. Indeed. Good to see relative newcomers to the hobby taking on the best in the world and being rewarded for it.

  4. Congratulations Huw on your success in Cesena, on visiting the show hall and viewing the birds it was clear that your birds were more than worthy medal winners. It was refreshing to see so many of the foreign exhibitors wives and girlfriends attending and interacting with their partners, something very rarely seen in the UK.


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