2 thoughts on “LCA: the colour feeding rule

  1. Firstly, Congratulations to the LCA for the web site refurbishment, plain to see for everyone that it was well overdue and looking more professional already which can only give out a good representation of our little spangled prince

    On a personal note, I am absolutely delighted by the ballot result on suspending rule 38 and allowing the natural coloured guys show their birds under our LCA banner, I for one colour feed my birds but saw enough sense to vote to suspend rule 38, I have always said we should allow this for at least 3 years to see how it works out and I personally think we will all be pleasantly surprised, hopefully it hasn’t caused any upset to the guys who didn’t want this, it should be accepted by all,there is no losers on this matter only 1 winner, the Breed itself, onwards and upward for the thoroughbred

    Absolutely delighted for all the LCA members coloured or natural, well done

    We may at last have turned the corner

    1. Onwards and upward for the thoroughbred indeed. I agree rule 38 was not the best decision ever by the LCA but at least their intentions, keeping the lizard thoroughbred, were ok.

      Let us not be naive. Most of the top breeders I know also stage blues, claiming only german white (dominant white factor). With this blues, it is almost evident the english white (recessive white factor) creeps in. A yellow cock split for recessive white paired with a yellow hen split for recessive white will give half of the clutch yellow/split white. Not even the breeder can see which ones without test pairing the following year or DNA analyzing. Not mentioning the german blue split for english white. Also evident the first birds this top breeders sell are the yellow brothers or sisters of their blues.

      The first blue lizards arose by crossing thoroughbreds with colour canaries. Nowadays most canaries have some kind of degree of the “red factor”. Even with the best intentions, keeping the lizard thoroughbred in this age of freedom and globalization ruled by the open internet is an impossible assignment, and a battle already lost.


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