Midland LCC show 2015

Midland Lizard Canary Club show 2015, awards:

Best in Show: broken cap gold hen, Andy Williamson

Second Best in Show: broken cap gold cock, Chris Jordan

Best Silver: broken cap silver cock, Jeremy Goacher

Best Novice: Paddy Morgan, broken cap gold hen

Judge: Dave Ross

And a few personal awards:

Man of the Match: Paddy Morgan, who not only showed at Kelso on Saturday, but brought a different team of birds to the Midland LCC show on Sunday, even though he is not in the best of health.  A real trooper.

Woman of the Match: Sue Jordan for baking the best raffle prize ever: a 5 star Christmas cake.

Best Result of the Day: Kevin Skinner’s wife is making good progress, one year on.



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