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The LCA has a new website.  You can find it at .  Ian Adcock, who was rash enough to volunteer to do all the work, describes how he approached the task, and what the new site will offer:

In bringing the old LCA website up to date it was clear that the site had very limited functionality and was far from future proof.  Technical support was limited and not UK based and if required would have proved very expensive to use.  The software for the platform was described as ‘legacy’ (in other words obsolete) and no longer being updated making it virtually impossible to add in new functionality.  It therefore made sense to look for a UK-based web host that uses web development software that is user friendly, has the scope to add in new functionality at minimal cost, and provides good support.

The service provider chosen provides an excellent fully managed WordPress hosting service which includes daily back up of the site, support at the end of a phone or online chat for 17 hours a day, simple tools to help build and manage the website and the ability to add in additional functionality at the click of a button – all at a very competitive price.

Currently the new site – using a new and internationally recognisable name  – – has all the information from the old site along with one or two new items.  The site now looks much more like a normal website and has a simple, sensible navigation structure.  Downloadable documents such as membership application and forms for rings and carophyll purchase are also on the new website along with the LCA Classic Schedule and entry form.  One new piece of functionality that is being trialled is a ‘Birds and Equipment –  Wanted’ section which allows users who access the website to post a short message to alert fellow Lizard breeders that they are looking for equipment or birds.

As for the future there will be a number of features explored such as the possibility of a members only area of the website, online purchase of membership, rings, Carophyll etc.

Why not have a look?  Comments will be passed on to Ian.

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