LCA points scale-FI SoP Wallace-FSS L&LCFA SoP-FSS SoP Blakston-FSS SoP minute 9-1945

The curious case of the Lizard’s scales

Not the scales of a lizard, but of the Lizard. The Scale of Points for Lizard Canaries (to give it its official title) has been around for more years than any living person has been breeding them.  It is so well established that we never question its origins and assume things were always so, but […]... Read More
Lizard C&CBL-FI Clear cap guideline-fss Clear cap variations-fss Skull back or base-fss Wallace Lizard 1875-fss Three perfect caps

Lizard canary basics, Part 5: the perfect cap

“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it”.  Salvador Dali It might seem strange that I should return to the subject of the cap, not long having discussed the various forms of cap in some detail, but that is the nature of the Lizard canary: you can never stop looking and learning.  This time, […]... Read More