The EALCA John Codling Memorial Show

Report by Joe Coakley:

This year the EALCA Show moved from Kings Lynn to Emneth, Norfolk.  It was also a Memorial Show paying tribute to former Chairman John Codling.


The new show hall was a vast improvement on the EALCA’s former home with much more space, parking and facilities, my only criticism was the lighting which could be improved.

With 112 Lizards, 83 Champion and 29 Novice, between 10 Champion 3 Novice exhibitors, I normally look for the odd bird that is down in colour/patchy, not fit, or has the odd pin feather here and there, but I was delighted to see some excellent Lizards both Champion/Novice

David Newton put out a very strong team of Lizards with 11 entries and, as much as his year has been highlighted in the Fancy press, never never under-estimate the effervescent Stan Bolton who also had a fine team. Daniel Higgins continues to improve his stud and there were some very close calls in the classes with some birds just missing out from Gary McCarthy and Riddle&Page.

The Best in Show eventually belonged to David Newton with a lovely Broken Cap Silver He from the biggest class of 19 birds, pushed strongly by Daniel Higgins’ Broken Cap Silver Hen in the play-off.

The big guns are definitely out since Stafford and I can see some fierce competition in the shows to follow this year.  Quality has improved in both Champion and Novice, and the Novices are closing the gap.

The day turned out to be a great success and, with some of the old stalwarts of the EALCA in attendance, the show took me back to the days of warmth and enjoyment viewing this wonderful bird and discussing its qualities.

A fitting  tribute to John Codling.

Joe Coakley


  • My thanks to Joe who wrote the report and took photographs of the show.
  • I have fond memories of John Codling, a kind and knowledgeable man, who did a lot for the Lizard canary in East Anglia.
  • I visited David Newton at the end of September, and am not surprised by the result.  An excellent stud of Lizard canaries.
  • Good to see Dany Higgins win too.  It looks as though it’s going to be a vintage year for the Novice section.
  • Just click on any photo in the gallery for a full sized image.

3 thoughts on “The EALCA John Codling Memorial Show

  1. John was still actively showing when I started my lizard canary showing journey…..I will always remember the gentleman he was and his wonderful silver hens…..they would still compete at the highest level today.


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