The first 100 days

A nice round number and a surprise, because it is one hundred days since Fine Spangled Sort went ‘live’.

According to the site statistics, I have written 25 articles that are read between 50 and 100 times a day on average, peaking at over 300 (of course, that could be one person visiting 300+ times).  Not a bad start.

So what’s ahead?  Essentially more of the same, although I dare say there will be periodic variations to reflect the breeding and show seasons.  I also hope to expand the range of topics.  I have plans to introduce a ‘good practice’ series, and hope to expand the Bird’s Eye View (although that depends on what others write and say); I will also write on more speculative and controversial topics from time to time.

I hope it is evident that I want to share what I have learned not only from experience and study, but also by listening to others.  It can only help the conservation of the Lizard canary, and the development of the new London Fancy, if people understand what has made them so special.  If you would like me to write on a particular subject (I already have two topics under preparation) please ask.

Finally, I would like to point out that I have other demands on my time.  A rate of almost two articles a week is quite demanding, but it has given the Fine Spangled Sort a good foundation.  Looking ahead, a rate of one article a week seems both more realistic and sustainable, so when (rather than if) things slow down I hope you will understand.  Many people already use the ‘subscribe’ box in the sidebar to alert them to new articles as they are published.  It will become more useful in the future.

4 thoughts on “The first 100 days

  1. As you say an excellent start and I look forward to more articles. Some of the controversial topics will prove interesting particularly the dreaded ‘colour’ issue. It would also be nice to see some more pictures in the gallery section and perhaps a short fortnightly summary on what is happening in your bird room.

  2. My personal compliments and the best compliments from the readers of the blog.
    Your site is very attractive and modern, in 100 days you have done a great job , You have lectured high culture of the lizard canaries, explaining, describing , clarifying and disclosing arguments sometimes little understood.

    In 100 days you have been able to do a better job than many clubs of the canary lizard in Europe.
    ad maiora.
    angelo citro

  3. Looking forward to the articles in the next 100 days, I’ve learned more from this site than anywere else
    Hope it goes from strength to strength, fantastic site and fantastic job, hats off to you sir

  4. I appreciate the comments, and will do my best to respond to the suggestions. I have added another page to the photo gallery, and more will follow. An article responding to a comment about the cap is also close to publication. Then I will get on to an article about sexing Lizard canaries . . .


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