World Show 2016

The World Show was held in Porto, Portugal this year.  We received a warm welcome, but unfortunately, the event will always be remembered for the loss of many birds from Italy during transit.  14 Lizards entered by Giorgio Massarutto,  Domenico Muniguerra, Angelo Citro, Fabio Macchioni, Guiseppe Siclari  and Rosario Capuano never made it to the show hall.  They must feel devastated, and there is nothing I can say that will ease their loss.

Entries were down on the last few years, with a disappointing number of birds from Portugal and Spain.  As though to compensate for the drop in numbers, the quality was excellent.  The competition amongst the silver Lizards was fierce; this class contained more high quality birds than at any show I can remember.  The quality of the best gold Lizards was good, but the class lacked the depth of the silvers.  The stams were disappointing.  Amongst the blues, Bart Decker’s clear cap hen stood out from the others, but the overall quality was well below the golds and silvers.

There was a friendly atmosphere around the Lizard section, with many visitors from Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and Italy joining in the conversation.  You might expect tastes and opinions to vary across different nationalities, but it’s amazing how the Lizard fanciers were in agreement over the strengths and weaknesses of the birds on show.

The following photographs from the individual gold and silver classes include the medal winners and several birds that caught my eye, regardless of their points.  As frequently happens at the World Show, some of the best birds were awarded only 88 or 89 points, but don’t forget that I was looking at the birds several days after they were judged.  A Lizard canary can change a lot in that time.

My thanks to Joe Coakley for his contribution to the photographs.

4 thoughts on “World Show 2016

  1. I liked Jacs golden Lizard stam. The others were really weaker than many individuals. Too bad that was forgotten in the many dead italian birds that 1/3 of dead Lizards came from Germany. Greets, A. Stamm

    1. Is that why your stam was absent? I always like to look at your birds. I’d heard that some German birds had died in transit, but I didn’t realise it was on such a large scale. Do you know what happened? My sympathies.

      1. The 8 birds of both stam of mine died complet in transit to Matosinos in a transporter with many other dead birds but the german federation do not inform the breeders about the dead or reasons yet.


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