World Show tragedy: second update

Angelo Citro has finally received the death certificate for his Lizard canary that perished on the journey to the World Show.   It was received via e-mail with the following message:

Ogg: Certificati Sanitari Matosinhos


trasmettiamo in allegato il file – formato .pdf – della certificazione, rilasciata dal Responsabile del Servizio Veterinario del 64° Campionato Mondiale di Ornitologia, relativa ai Suoi soggetti.

Distinti saluti, Segreteria F.O.I.-Onlus

Subject: Health Certificate, Matosinhos

Good morning,

Please find attached a file – pdf format – of the certification, issued by the Head Veterinary Officer of the 64th World Championship of Ornithology, concerning this subject.

Yours sincerely, the Secretariat, F.O.I.-Onlus (1)

Considering the circumstances, this is about as perfunctory a statement as you could imagine.  No apology, no regret, no words of condolence.  Note that FOI (2) still refers to this as a ‘health certificate’; yet another example of its reluctance to admit the awful truth.  I understand that FOI has to be careful because of the legal and financial repercussions of the tragedy, but for an organisation that aims to propagandare l’amore e la conoscenza degli uccelli (propagate the love and knowledge of birds) this message treats the real victims – the birds and their breeders – with needless indifference.


  1. F.O.I. = Federazione Ornicoltori Italiani (Italian Ornithological Federation).  Onlus is a ‘not for profit’ organisation.
  2. FOI is an acronym for F.O.I..  It rhymes with ‘boy’.


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