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Club Amigos Del Canario Lizard show 2021

The 2021 Amigos show was held in Cartagena, a naval city just one hour’s drive from Alicante airport.  We loved it; a city with a long history, some beautiful architecture, and free of the tourist tat that blights so many Spanish seaside resorts.  My thanks to Jesús Ortiz García (better known as Yopi) and his […]... Read More
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The National Exhibition 2021: the London Fancies

These are exciting times for the London Fancy canary.  We were denied a show season in 2020 thanks to lockdown, but the photographic evidence showed that the breed had made significant progress that year.  Several breeders including Antonio Cientanni, Joe Coakley, Andy Early, Richard Knowles, Martin Walker and Andy Williamson had produced excellent specimens that […]... Read More