COM Lizard classification: clear cap or broken cap?

In part 1, I published a photo of a silver Lizard and asked if it was a clear cap or broken cap.  You can see the same bird from a different angle above.

Alex Maclean and Andy Williamson raised their heads above the parapet and opined that it was a clear cap.  They are right because the area of dark feathering is well below the 10% tolerance allowed in the definition of a clear cap.

Andy also commented that many OMJ judges would classify the bird as a broken cap.  He’s right.  I have seen a bird with a similar cap, but with much less dark feathering above the beak, go on to win not only the broken cap class but also Best in Show.  It was a contentious decision, and while the leading breeders disagreed (one quite angrily), less experienced breeders will have been misled.

The bird you see here is a clear cut example, but distinguishing broken caps from clear caps and non caps can be tricky when the birds are close to that 10% margin.  I will provide guidance on how to classify them in Part 2.

One thought on “COM Lizard classification: clear cap or broken cap?

  1. Where, in the L.C.A. “Standard” or the COM/OMJ ‘standard’ is there any mention of a % of cap to be accredited ( or discredited ) or how a ‘broken’ ( or defective as it generally translates ) should be adjudged ?

    One of the greats failings of the lack of communication of the U.k. perspective of how the standard should be ‘interpreted’ is the lack of proper – and effective – interpretation of the “Notes for Guidance” which make up much of the LCA Handbook and are supposed to be read with the ‘standard’ to properly explain it.

    You can’t have a ‘multi-paged’ standard, albeit the unique complexity of the Lizard obviously needs it, otherwise it wouldn’t have one ‘at home’ !

    Leaving so many aspects “open to interpretation” is how and why we have colour-fed birds and natural ( and red-factor/ground) birds all sitting in one class. If the Uk “rule book” were to be the one applied all the ‘natural’ birds benched across Europe and the rest of the World would be disqualified !!!, some by the same protagonists for Europe/COM/OMJ to be made to toe the line around cap %’s.


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