LCA Classic 2019

The LCA Classic returned after last year’s hiatus.  There is a new team in charge and the reports I’ve received were favourable: “a friendly atmosphere”, “just like the good old days” etc.   That is exactly the type of Classic that the team is trying to rebuild.  

My congratulations to all who contributed to the event:  Ian Adcock (Show Secretary, no doubt older and wiser now, but still cheerful); Jeremy Goacher (Chairman and official transporter of the staging); John Martin (President and provider of continuity as the LCA moves forward); John Record (retiring Secretary, we wish him well after years of commitment and hard work); Chris Jordan and David Newton (stewards, and the safest pair of hands you’ll find on the show circuit), and Noel Sidney (caterer and conductor of banter).

Then there was David Allen who not only took on the judging duties but was also generous enough to invite Pino Scalamandrè and his son to observe him judging (see below).  There will be others that I’ve not mentioned, so pipe up and I’ll add their names.

This article would be devoid of photos without the input of one man: Pino Scalamandrè from Italy. He and his son Roberto (who is studying at Warwick University) visited the show to observe judge David Allen in action, and Pino was kind enough to let me use he photographs he took on the day. All the photos you see in this post are from him.  I’ve identified the people and breeders as best as I can, but there will probably be some errors and I’ll happily correct them if people get in touch.

The official results and David’s show report can be found on the new LCA website here.

I’ll start with photos of the key people and the major winners:

Lizard canary classic
LCA Classic 2019: judge David Allen in action
Lizard canary canary
LCA Classic 2019: the show hall with Chris Jordan and David Newton in charge
Lizard canary classic
LCA Classic 2019: President John Martin awards the President’s Trophy for Best colour-fed Lizard to Alex Maclean (right)
Classic Lizard canary
LCA Classic 2019: Best colour-fed Lizard, a broken cap gold hen by Alex Maclean
classic Lizard canary
LCA Classic 2019: Third Best colour fed Lizard, a clear cap gold hen by Alex Maclean
classic Lizard canary
LCA Classic 2019: John Martin awards the prize for Second Best colour-fed Lizard to Danny Richmond (left)
classic Lizard canary
LCA Classic 2019: Tony Horton (left) receives his award for Best natural Lizard from John Martin
classic Lizard canary
LCA Classic 2019: Best natural coloured Lizard, a non cap gold hen by Tony Horton (note the amber tint)

Now for a gallery of the birds:

And now a gallery of the people who were there:

Finally, a big thank you to the man who made this article possible: Pino Scalamandrè.  He seems to have enjoyed himself.

Pino Scalamandrè (right) and his son Roberto (left) with Jeremy Goacher and David Allen

9 thoughts on “LCA Classic 2019

  1. Excellent photos from Pino, I had a chat with him and his son at the show, lovely guys who were in their element all day, great coverage Huw of a fantastic show

    Hopefully be even bigger and better next year, already looking forward to it

    1. Congratulations Alex, well done. Nice birds on show.
      Onwards and upward for both the thoroughbred and the LCA classic!
      Gust Truyens

      1. Thank you Gust, and yes there was some cracking birds out there on the day, as I said, hopefully bigger and even better next year, I’m personally hoping that sone of our household names in the fancy put their birds out to view at the LCA, in my opinion the most important show of the year

  2. Dear Huw, I am honored to have been able to give a contribution to your blog, which I always follow with great interest and passion. I have been raising lizards for such a short time that I would have never expected having my name written on your blog.
    Attending the LCA Classic was an interesting and exciting experience. Yes, Roberto and I had fun and we met many nice friends.
    Thanks for everything.

  3. it was a great honour to judge the LCA CLASSIC and a great pleasure to have Pino & Roberto watching and I hope I explained every thing clearly. I do enjoy explaining why I have selected my winning birds.
    and thankyou to the new LCA team for the wonderful gift. a real enjoyable day as well.


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