London Fancies at the Meijels Pracht 2012

The Meijels Pracht is the show where Piet Renders exhibited his first London Fancy back in 2004.  Here is a video clip of his birds at the 2012 event.

Key (from top to bottom):
Cage 880 jonque/intensive cock ( red ring 2012) score 89
Cage 881 jonque/intensive hen (red ring 2012) score 88
Cage 882 mealy/non-intensive hen (blue ring 2011) score 91
Cage 883 mealy non-intensive hen (blue ring 2011) score 90


  • Many thanks to Danielle Sugliani for sending me the video.
  • Meijel is a town in the south east of the Netherlands.  Meijels Pracht means the ‘Splendour of Meijel’.





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