LF standard-phenotype ENGLISH LF standard-Tech Descrn ENGLISH LF standard-phenotype DUTCH LF standard-phenotype FRENCH LF standard-Tech Descrn FRENCH LF standard-phenotype GERMAN LF standard-Tech Descrn GERMAN LF standard-phenotype ITALIAN LF standard-Tech Descrn ITALIAN LF standard-phenotype PORTUGUESE LF standard-Tech Descrn PORTUGUESE LF standard-phenotype SPANISH LF standard-Tech Descrn SPANISH LF standard-Tech Descrn ENGLISH LF white (PRenders)-FSS LF crescent good & bad-FSS LF mealy ticked AEarly-FSS LF ideal-FI

London Fancy show standard

This article was updated on 11 December 2022 following the recognition of the London Fancy by COM, but please note that the COM standard does not recognise brown London Fancy canaries at present.  For more information please refer to my article “Mission accomplished: the London Fancy recognised by COM”. Regular readers of this blog will […]... Read More
Lizarddag 2017 HH MD & PR-FI Lizarddag 2017- jonque LF MDielen-FSS Lizarddag 2017- jonque LF PRenders-FSS Lizarddag 2017- Mealy LF bred by PRenders-FSS 2017 white LF PRenders-FSS

Lizarddag 2017: the London Fancies

Of all the innovations at the 2017 edition of the Lizarddag, the introduction of a class for London Fancies is surely the one that will be remembered as a major step forward. I realise that classes for London Fancies have been provided for several years at the National Exhibition of Birds and at the South […]... Read More
LF MD 2015 jonque-FSS LF MD 2016 jonque2-FSS LF PR 2015 jonque-FSS LF MD 2016 jonque 1-FSS LF MD 2016 u-flue-FSS LF MD 2016 jonque-FI LF MD 2016 jonque moult-FSS

Variegation, part 4: the fugitive black gene

The general tendency of the whole Canary tribe is to struggle out of darkness into light. W.A. Blakston (1) In this short series we have looked at variegation through its manifestations in other species: greenfinches, budgerigars and chickens.  When it comes to visual impact however, no canary accomplished the ‘struggle out of darkness into light’ […]... Read More