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Lizarddag 2017: the London Fancies

Of all the innovations at the 2017 edition of the Lizarddag, the introduction of a class for London Fancies is surely the one that will be remembered as a major step forward. I realise that classes for London Fancies have been provided for several years at the National Exhibition of Birds and at the South […]... Read More
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Lizarddag 2015

This year’s event was well up to the mark: 176 entries from 18 exhibitors, including three from Belgium and two from Britain. Best in Show and Best Gold was awarded to Jules Etienne’s clear cap gold hen, while the Leijen-Staal partnership won Best Silver, also with a clear cap hen.  You can see the full […]... Read More
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The Best Lizard Canary Show in the World?

Dutch pronunciation is not for the faint-hearted, yet every October you will find English and French-speaking canary breeders gamely trying to pronounce Keijenborg *, the name of an attractive small town in the east of the Netherlands.  Why? Because Keijenborg (also spelt Keyenborg) hosts one of the best Lizard canary shows in the world.  Commonly […]... Read More